Claims Substantiation : why Make Claims in the First Place? via happi

8 March 2017

By Nava Dayan, Dr. Nava Dayan LLC | January 6, 2017

By definition “claim” is a term that embeds lack of consensus and, as such, cannot present the ultimate truth—but is aiming to persuade on a subjective basis. According to the Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, “claim” is defined as “to say that (something) is true when some people may say it is not true.” When utilized in marketing, the key question is: how one can minimize the population of those who disagree with the claim and maximize the number of those who agree with the claim? How is this done? What is the art of persuasion?

In skin care products, the first impression of human senses is to be convinced—vision, odor and tactile sensation; which are followed by detailed processing and more in-depth processes, such as changes to the skin. The latter presents a whole different level of sophistication that is utilized in claim strategies; some are explained here. As I am a scientist and not a marketing professional, my views should be considered in this appropriate scientific context.

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