Clinical safety testing and the product computerized database by IEC

1 July 2015

In the field of clinical safety testing, IEC uses its expertise and its computerized database of more than 36,000 tested products for the implementation of appropriate methodologies and for relevant and quality analysis of results obtained in Caucasians, Japanese, Chinese or Korean panels; for studies conducted in France, Spain, Bulgaria, South Africa in reversed seasons, or in Asia in the specific environmental conditions of each country.

Taking into account the evolution of cosmetics is essential as says Etienne Camel, President of IEC, Pharmacist and Expert Toxicologist: new formulation supports, new active ingredients, new performances, new positioning for particular types of skins or targets internationally.

The general principles of the proposed clinical tests remain basically the same over the years, but the choice of inclusion criteria, evaluation criteria and technical variants, such as stripping, reactivity with lactic acid, objective measures of skin microcirculation or cutaneous barrier function, for example, have a crucial importance depending upon the goals sought for a better understanding of clinical phenomena and relevance of the resulting analysis.



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