Color Cosmetics: What Consumers Are Talking About via SOFW

18 May 2021

How did Lubrizol become interested in doing an in-depth color cosmetics study?

Makeup is one of the most dynamic categories in social media, with brands being talked about regularly through user-generated content. Therefore, a study applying artificial intelligence to social media conversations about color cosmetics was an invaluable way to gain a deeper understanding and insight into consumer pain points and beauty goals to develop new ingredients and formulations that meet their needs. The Lubrizol Life Science Beauty team is always looking for innovative skincare and cosmetic solutions that are relevant to our brand partners and help people live a more beautiful life.

What methodology was used to conduct the study? 

Between May 2019 and May 2020, 20 million sources from across the internet, including social platforms, forums and reviews, were analyzed in partnership with market research firm 113 Industries for beauty conversations related to the face, eyes, lips and nails. Artificial Intelligence technology enabled the extractions of the most relevant conversations while removing advertising, influencer and bot-related content. A human team then reviewed the remaining content, extracting patterns and trends.

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Interview with Paola Pérez, Strategic Marketing Manager, Global B2C
Lubrizol Life Science Beauty

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