Digital Beauty & Club Syres, an innovative method to follow the emotions

8 February 2018

An innovative method to describe and follow the emotions and reactions of consumers

With over 20 years of expertise in the Consumers Tests around the word, Syres brings to his clients a new way to approach the consumer, full of emotions and spontaneity. He become the actor of the test.

The Syres applications allow the panelists to be connected and transmit in real time their immediate feelings.

Our challenges:

  • Following the emotion provided by the products for several days
  • Making the consumers continue to talk freely with the benefit of hindsight after the end of the study

Strong points of our innovation:

  • Mobile tool
  • Simple and ergonomic
  • Responsive
  • Instantaneous information

The exploitation of these various gathered methods will therefore enables an innovative experience in data analysis and the consumer approach.


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