EOTECH, high-performance devices to analyze the skin relief

23 January 2017

The technology of the skin relief measurement continues to evolve and also the devices we develop! In 2011, we introduced a new generation of 3D sensors in our analysis systems AEVA-HE.

The DermaTOP-HE benefited from this progress in 2014, thus using the combination of the stereometry and fringe projection also called active stereometry.

The performance of these systems has led us to generalize this technology to all our measuring devices EvaSKIN and EvaFACE introducing new active stereometry sensors with 2 or 5 million pixels cameras!

We offer the CRO’s 2 new devices, each available in 2 versions S2 or S5 color or black & white:

  • The EvaSKIN-S dedicated to local measurement of skin relief with a field of 125 mm which can cover a wide field for a multi-zone analysis.
  • The EvaFACE-S dedicated to the measurement of the face ageing with a field of 200 mm covers the full face while maintaining a sufficient resolution to analyze wrinkles & fine lines.



Jean-Jacques Servant



tel  : +33 786 583 280

Rue du Fond des Prés
91460 Marcoussis

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