Eurofins in 2018: A global offer for high quality testing services

7 September 2018

Because cosmetics testing offer needs to be global, Eurofins is developing a worldwide testing network with more than 30 testing laboratories.

The French Group has invested in Sun Care testing excellence with Eurofins Dermatest in Australia since August 2017, and with CRL in the United States since 2018.

This  network represents 5 expert clinical laboratories in France, Spain, Romania, United States and Australia.

From standard SPF testing to specific dosage of filters at the skin surface, Eurofins’ protocols cover worldwide regulatory requirements.

Eurofins has also been launching in Septembre 2018 a new clinical testing facility in China.

With experts involved in regulatory working groups all over the world, Eurofins is a key partner for the entire process of cosmetics testing.



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