Eurofins, Vegan Society Develop Vegan Verification Program via Cosmetics & Toiletries

20 July 2021

In partnership with the Vegan Society, Eurofins has developed a Vegan Verification Program.

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The methodology is said to establish whether any animal products or by-products have been used in the manufacturing and development process of cosmetic and personal care products. The verification uses a phased approach, covering toxicological and regulatory assessments; animal DNA analysis; on-site audits; and declarations of conformity/​labeling.

This program allows manufact­urers, brands and retailers to properly test products and label them as 100% vegan. Upon completion of testing, clients can qualify for the use of both the Eurofins Vegan Verified Logo and the Vegan Society Trademark through licensing on products and promotional material.


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Published by Cosmetics & Toiletries, July 6 2021
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