FotoFinder Trichoscale Software Module

15 March 2018

The Professional Tool for Hair Consultation

FotoFinder Trichoscale sets new standards in hair growth and loss quantification. The painless procedure allows quantification of hair growth through hair regimen and also assists in the diagnosis of diffuse effluvium and androgenetic alopecia.

A small evaluation area has to be clipped down to .5mm and dyed. Then a photo is captured with the Medicam camera or the Handyscope. The photo is then evaluated with the FotoFinder Trichoscale software module and a professional report is printed.

  • FotoFinder Trichoscale offers optimized measuring functions and integrates smoothly in FotoFinder dermoscope systems and is also available as stand alone software for Handyscope photos
  • Instant count mode for immediate calculation of hair count, hair density, vellus to terminal ratio and vellus to terminal density.
  • Trichogramm mode for Anagen-Telogen ratio
  • Measurement of follicular units
  • Hair count optimization function
  • Personalized report printing on paper or as PDF

Save time and easily find the methods and the testing suppliers to substantiate your actives and cosmetics claims.

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