French university is looking for industrial partners to develop optimized new laser-based imaging devices via ENE

6 November 2017

The French university has developed a technique which allows restoring certain defects bound to the attenuation of the imaging laser beam and to facilitate the analysis of the images. It is hence looking for industrial partners interested in the making of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) devices and the implementation of improved image processing techniques. The French university also considers proposing license agreement to companies from European Union countries.

The French university is working on medical imaging and/or non-destructive testing, with a specialisation in ultrasound imaging and therapy. It offers the following services to industrials using these technologies and willing to improve processing or to develop new applications in:

  • ultrasound imaging and ultrasonic detection of strongly scattering inclusions in soft tissues
  •  ultrasound contrast agents and non-linear ultrasonic imaging
  • doppler and blood flow imaging – photo-acoustic imaging
  • ultrasonic therapy and liposomal medication ultrasound release  non-destructive ultrasonic testing
  • ultrasonically powered implanted devices (in soft tissues, liquids, etc.)

The French university is looking for companies in order to offer a license agreement.

The university is seeking industrials partners working especially in the health domain or in the non-destructive testing domain in order to develop new technologies or devices, combining imaging optimisation processes and development opportunities. For instance, those industrial companies which produce imaging devices, or electronic equipment used by medical staffs. Depending on the partner, the university can propose an on-site follow up and can participate in the realisation of the new machinery.

The optical coherence process is patented and the French university, supported by a technology transfer organism, is looking for industrial partners to test at the industrial scale the results obtained at lab level. They are also interested to continue further research on specific applications if needed.

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