Genoskin develops new perfusable vascularized skin model

7 March 2018

New ex vivo perfusable vascularized human skin model for drug testing

Perfusable vascularized skin for increased viability and optimal skin response

Natural human skin contains a rich vascular network, which is essential for the transport and absorption of nutrients and drugs. However, a key drawback of currently engineered human skin models is their lack in vascularization. Recreating a vascularization in skin models would not only improve the skin models’ viability but also enable testing drug administration and human skin absorption in near in vivoconditions. To date, there are no solutions on the market that create and/or maintain vascularization in human skin biopsies.

The FlowSkin™ project: Genoskin joins forces with microfluidics experts

The FlowSkin™ project is a collaborative research project between Genoskin and research scientist Dr Laurent Malaquin from the LAAS-CNRS research institute. By using state-of-the-art microfluidics technology, the project aims to develop and validate the first vascularizedex vivo human skin model. 2D/3D microfabrication will be employed to develop implantable microfluidic devices to partially reproduce the vascular system of in vivo human skin.

An innovative project backed by EU funding

The unique FlowSkin™ research project has received the support from the European Regional Fund Operational Programme. The total budget to undertake this research amounts to over 600,000 euros. The project is expected to reach completion by 2020.


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