GLYcoDiag’s microbiota testing for cosmetics: Manage preservative and “microbiote friendly” status

8 December 2023

GLYcoDiag, with its two expertises in microbiote and glycosciences always aims to accelerate the development of the cosmetic ingredients through innovative and miniaturized methods. Hence, GLYcoDiag offers services in microbiology in order to help its customers in the research and optimisation of new ingredients, prebiotics, associations of compounds (synergy effect), boosters, systems preservatives strategies, validation of formulations with taking into account them effect on skin microbiote.

Therefore, GLYcoDiag has developed simple co-culture models which allow to study the effect of a cosmetic product (from ingredient to finished product) on the growth and/or the decrease of each strain growing together in the same medium and environmental conditions.

All of the co-culture models developed by GLYcoDiag are based on the following criteria :

  • Referenced strains either from well-known collections or from isolated and characterized wild-type skin strains from GLYcoDiag’s own cell bank.
  • Calibrated inoculum of each strain mixed (four to five strains) in proportion mimicking eubiosis equilibrium or dysbiosis related to specific cutaneous diseases.
  • A common culture medium based on minimum nutrients, allowing to keep the growth of each strain in wanted proportions during the study.
  • Respective light, pH, temperature and humidity according to the environment targeted.
  • Miniaturized, accurate and reliable.

Co-culture models studies can be carried out for the determination of metabolic effect and/or microbiota/skin cells adhesion effect according to the desired environment and stress conditions.

Summary applications of GLYcoDiag’s microbiote testing

  • Host-microbiote interaction studies
  • Biofilm formation
  • Immunity activation through recognition with specific lectins
  • Adhesion screening properties
  • Anti-microbials, boosters, synergistic actions
  • Pre- and probiotic studies
  • Detection of local changes in microbiote population equilibrium
  • New biomarker detection (targeting specific strains and/or pathogens)

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