Hair care products: which method suits your claim by PhDTrials

4 January 2022

Among the cosmetic market, the search and use of cosmetics for hair care have been consistently increasing and becoming a theme of great interest, which rises the question: how to evaluate and assess the effect of hair care products?

Several methods are available to support the efficacy evaluation of hair care products and is very important to understand which method is more suitable for a claim, from clinical testing to hair locks.

A wide range of methodologies, available in PhD Trials® Hair Dynamical Lab., such as

  • imaging and dynamics analisys, like
  • confocal microscopy or trichoscan enables structure analysis and
  • hair loss
  • hair density assessment.

Moreover, biophysical and mechanical techniques allow to assess several properties of hair like

  • resistance to breakage,
  • volume (anti-frizz properties),
  • conditioning properties or
  • shinning.

On the other hand, the hair protection became the new trend on hair care, therefore methodologies to assess hair protection against temperature (thermal resistance), radiation, chemicals or anti-pollution assessment turn out to be key points on hair evaluation.


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