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Histalim intends to assess the efficacy of anti-pigmentation products by quantifying the melanin production

8 June 2015

Histology services provider for 10 years, Histalim uses its expertise to standardize studies and proposes solutions to validate the efficacy of dermo-cosmetic active ingredients for industrial partners.

Several factors (exposure to sun, pregnancy, the use of photosensitizing drugs, age …) lead to the reduction of active melanocyte number and make their repartition more heterogeneous in the skin. This increases the appearance of hyper pigmentation spots following the irregular melanin production. The cosmetic industry has therefore long been interested in using new active principles with a depigmenting effect for the development of anti-spot treatments.

Their activity objectification can be determined by different approaches (in tubo biochemical assays, in vivo assays …) such as in vitro methods using tissue cultures. Histalim indeed offers the dermo-cosmetic professional to validate their product objectification with a Fontana Masson staining.

This staining enables to highlight the presence of melanin on histological slides obtained from different matrixes such as human reconstructed skin or explants. This histological approach is well appreciated by cosmetic professionals because it offers a visual evidence that strengthens the anti-pigmentation claim.

Moreover, with its newly developed image analysis programs, Histalim offers a broad spectrum of quantitative measurement possibilities (stained cell counting, staining intensity, proportion …) useful for the objectification of the investigation results.


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