How Intertek can objectivate the hair care products?

17 January 2018

The Intertek Clinical Study Center offers a comprehensive selection of clinical studies to test the efficacy and safety of your hair care products:

  • Anti-dandruff efficacy: clinical scoring completed by trained and accredited expert technicians. Samples can also be taken from dandruff affected parts of the scalp, for analysis at our partner labs (for example, microbiome analysis).
  • Redensifying/anti-hair loss efficacy: the phototrichogram technique makes it possible to measure different parameters: total density, anagen/telogen ratio, percentage of telogen hair, growth rate, etc.

All our studies are conducted under clinical control. We have a network of professional hair stylists to provide advice and supervision or to apply your products and/or evaluate your professional products. We update our database of over 6,000 volunteers daily. We have specially-equipped technical rooms with shampoo stations.



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