Hydration measurment by Monaderm

15 June 2015

Machines / probes, to measure skin hydration. Courage+ Khazaka.

Corneometer CM825

The Corneometer® CM825 is the essential tool to determine the level of hydration of the skin surface. It works quickly and accurately, and with the latest technical developments, it is also very reproducible. The measurement of skin hydration is based on internationally recognized method Corneometer®, the method of the capacitance. “The instrument for measuring hydration of the skin most popular in the world.”

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MoistureMap MM100

Single apparatus to examine the distribution of hydration and texture properties

MoistureMap The MM 100 is an apparatus having a touch sensor, once used in safety for recording fingerprints. Generally used on tissue (human skin, animal skin, plants), image sensor provides graphical information on the distribution of moisture to the surface considered as well as the micro-topography of tissues.

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