Impact of the microbiome on our bodies via Eagle Genomics

11 October 2017

Microbiomics research is progressing at a rapid rate as we get a better understanding of the impact of the microbiome on our bodies via Eagle Genomics

Current and future advancements will have a profound socioeconomic impact globally. Eagle Genomics is actively engaged with global companies in their microbiomic R&D programmes. Our mixed expertise in biology, bioinformatics and knowledge management coupled with our powerful software platform has already transformed new product innovation in the microbiomic sector.

Market Impact of Microbiomics Analysis

  • Global Human Microbiome Market expected to grow 21.9% by 2022, to $521.23m
  •  Pre & Probiotic foods and supplements worth $19bnglobally
  •  Global Market for animal feed additives $10.6bn
  • Medical Foods & Drinks worth$9bn globally
  •  $801m expected turnover in Therapeutics by 2023
  •  Global Nutraceutical Market worth $207bn

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