In vitro models incorporating melanoma cells by Bioalternatives

8 February 2018

Bioalternatives has initiated a tissue engineering R&D program in order to develop a skin equivalent model incorporating melanoma cells.

After different tests on monolayer cultures, two cancer lines issued from melanomas (among those available in Bioalternatives) were selected to be integrated as standard in a normal skin equivalent model (3D culture):

  • A-375 line (ATCC® CRL1619): cells issued from metastatic melanoma
  • WM266-4 line (ATCC® CRL1676): cells issued from metastatic melanoma

3D cell culture has allowed us to obtain 2 models corresponding to different stages of development and severity, in which:

  • The A-375 line presents an aggressive profile and results in very important epidermis destruction and equivalent dermis invasion over culture time
  • The WM266-4 line develops a less aggressive response: after 10 to 12 days of culture, the epidermis part of reconstructed skin shows fairly good histology and cancer cells form clusters that are easily identifiable in histology. The cluster size increases over culture time.

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