In vivo/in vitro Correlation on Antiperspirant Evaluations by Microfactory

29 October 2020

Microfactory has just completed the first part of its in vivo/in vitro correlation on antiperspirant efficiency evaluations.

The SOD4 technology characterised the efficacy of 5 antiperspirants in a single blind study. In association with a Parisian CRO, these predictions were confirmed by gravimetry, the current method of in vivo testing.

Our technology measures the pressure required to expel the clots formed during the sweat/antiperspirant contact in the microfluidic synthetic pores.

The results of the in vivo and in vitro tests are consistent, SOD4 represents a predictive and economical alternative to human antiperspirant efficacy evaluations.


Read the complete article: ZOOM#17 -Testing trends nails evaluation – in vitro efficacy testing – Skinobs.web

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