Introducing CutiTron the new Cutitronics technology

15 September 2017


is to continuously harness the power of engineering and technology based innovation to support consumers in achieving their desired skincare and beauty results.

Step 1 : Measure

The needs of your skin change with time, seasons, even the weather. Our inbuilt Dual Response Enabled Assessment Method (DREAM) enables you to understand the precise condition of your skin within seconds. Knowing this determines the personalised needs of your skin today.

Step 2 : Stimulate

All too often the active ingredients of well formulated products struggle to penetrate the skin reducing or at best slowing down optimum results.
Our Advanced Penetration Technology (APT) removes this barrier, producing increased absorption – which means faster results.

Step 3 : Delivery

With medication, you want to know you are getting the right dosage. The same is true for your skincare, you need to make sure your skin gets the correct dose for the best results. To automate the entire process, products are dispensed from our SMART Cartridges instead of in traditional bottles or jars.

Step 4 : Data

The intelligent applicator continuously gathers data when in use showing the improvement of personal skin condition. This creates a completely new level of connection between the brand and their customer.


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