Introducing the VitroScreen Research Platform via Happi

7 November 2017

VitroScreen is a privately owned, independent CRO, with 7,000+ square feet laboratory facility. It supports C-Level, R&D, marketing and communication teams of its customers in the process of identifying the most predictive in vitro pre-clinical testing strategy in each developmental stage of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics, food supplements, biocides, plant protection products and chemicals.

According to the Milan, Italy-based company, VitroScreen goes much further than offering tests and basic information on biological activity via an alternative method. It deploys a visionary, sustainable, ethical and mechanism-based approach on 3D Human tissue models: reconstructed tissues and scaffold-free microtissues.

VitroScreen invests every year more than 20% of its revenues in research and has developed a large set of experimental models to assess safety and efficacy of ingredients and products, it said.

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