Korea updates functional cosmetics classification via Cosmetics Design Asia

12 June 2017

Recent amendments to Korea’s Cosmetics Act have reassigned four categories of quasi-drugs to functional

Act amendment
APAC’s regulatory portal, Chemlinked, has reported that the country’s Cosmetics Act, which is governed and overseen by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS), has amended the act to change the status of four categories of quasi-drugs to functional cosmetics .
The change, which will take effect from 30th May 2017, marks Korea’s efforts to maximise product safety and consumer confidence.

Cosmetics status and definitions
The act, which became effective as of 31st July 2014, regulates the manufacture, import and sale of cosmetics and
cosmetic ingredients. It also provides comprehensive guidance on product labelling and advertising to ensure this product safety is achieved and that ingredients are clearly communicated to consumers upon purchase.
Quasi-drugs refer to products marketed for use in disinfection, insecticide or other similar purposes to prevent infectious diseases.
Chemlinked states that in Korea, functional cosmetics are defined as products that support skin brightening, wrinkle
improvement, gentle tanning or protection from ultraviolet radiation.

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