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Last programm – COMET SYMPOSIUM – Cosmetic Measurement & Testing Event – 6 & 7 JUNE

18 April 2017

Many non-invasive methods are now used to characterize the cosmetic products properties and their interactions with skin and hair. Physico chemical studies, biological and clinical effects measurements, the development of new instrumental techniques … are crucial for the cosmetic sector.
COMET has been created to facilitate researches, innovations and business in the fields of testing and measurement of cosmetic products and ingredients.

Challenges & Ambitions

  • To assemble the cosmetic companies (R&D, regulatory, marketing, communications…) and academic scientists working on research topics linked to “testing & measurement” of cosmetic products.
  • To create links between academic research and the world of industry
  • To bring scientific themes and cosmetology closer together
  • To facilitate prospects development for cosmetics sector players

COMET 2015, design for speech-making

  • 35-minutes plenary lectures: themed reviews by guest speakers
  • 15-minutes oral communications: recent work on the topics addressed at the congress
  • Short 7-minutes communications
  • Poster sessions
  • “Innovation sessions” : innovative SMEs and StartUp presenting their work in the exhibition area

Programme details


Innovation Sessions

  •  PENSE-LHERITIER Anne-Marie EBI -Sensory evaluation of cosmetic powders
  • TURPIN Guillaume  – SEELAB – Goniospectrometry of appearance: gloss and colour
  • PENO-MAZZARINO Laurent  – LABORATOIRE BIO-EC – Skin surface nanoscale topography by light interferometry
  • COLLILIEUX Audrey – LABORATOIRE DERMSCAN – The selfie generation and its impact on make-up: new needs, new claims, new tests
  • BERGE Armelle  – EUROFINS – Challenging cosmetics efficacy on skin hydration and barrier function: comparison of usual instruments and visual scoring from macrophotography
  • SERVANT Jean-Jacques – EOTECH – Thermal imaging, an overview of claim support
  • VIAL Francis – SPINCONTROL – Evaluation of discomfort feeling of dry skin
  • PITTET Jean Christophe  – ORION CONCEPT – TECHNOLAB – Controlled Selfie Photgraphs
  • FAUST Sascha –  PRODERM INSTITUTE – Claim Substantiation of Anti-Pollution Claims
  • BARAIBAR Martin – OXIPROTEOMICS – Carbonyl Test: a novel efficacy score of molecuar damage protection against pollution, oxidative stress and aging
  • VIE Romain  – PIXIENCE – The C-Cube camera: 3D reconstruction using photometric stereo
  • BOBIER Anaïs – PHENOCELL – Generation of functional sebocytes from human induced pluripotent stem cells
  • GRESSIER Sylvain – LUM – Visualization of pigment separation in color cosmetics by accelerated stability tests in combination with X-ray profiling


  • PELLEVOISIN Christian – EPISKIN ACADEMY – Reconstructed Human Epidermis (RHE): From skin irritation to skin sensitization
  • MILOUDI Lynda – EA6295 NMNS, UNIVERSITE FRANCOIS RABELAIS Confocal Raman imaging for monitoring of nano-encapsulated cosmetics bioactive compounds in the skin
  • EUDIER Florine – UNIVERSITE DU HAVRE – Synthetic skin models versus human living skin explants as relevant tools to evaluate cosmetic products performance
  • LAVOIX Agnès – DERMATEC-LYON – Stratum corneum turnover by innovative technology
  • GAUTHIER Vincent – LABORATOIRE SATIE – II – Multi-frequency ultrasonic shear waves rheology for soft materials monitoring in cosmetics
  • DESPLAN Davina – LABORATOIRE SATIE – High frequency rheology a new non-destructive technique for the characterization of cosmetics emulsions stability
  • WILKIE-CHANCELLIER Nicolas – SATIE – UMR8029 – Raman spectroscopy on skin explants
  • SERFATY Stephane – SATIE – Ex-vivo Dermal/epidermal microrheology for aging effects monitoring
  • LIHOREAU Thomas – CERT, UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL BESANCON – Innovative way to measure skin surface and follow-up of superficial healing
  • PERCOCO Giuseppe – BIO-EC LABORATORY – Development of a new ex-vivo model to study human skin response to environmental pollution
  • GEORGES Nassar – IEMN – D. OAE – Design of encoded autonomous miniaturized spherical acoustic sensor
  •  OIKONOMOU Evdokia – UNIVERSITE PARIS DIDEROT, LABORATOIRE MATIERE ET SYSTEMES COMPLEXES – A model for assessing fabric softener deposition on cotton
  • ANGERMANN Quentin – ETIS LAB – Embeddable Real Time Tool For Automatic Skin Lesions Characterization
  • ROBIC Julie – LABORATOIRES CLARINS – Automatic quantification of aging process using in-vivo confocal microscopy
  • BÖHLING Arne – PRODERM INSTITUTE FOR APPLIED DERMATOLOGICAL RESEA – States of Mobility of Water Molecules Measured by in Vivo Confocal Raman spectroscopy
  • DUMAINE Marion – SEPPIC – Predicting consumers’ behaviour towards cosmetics: tribology and microscopy under shearing put to the test

 Plenary lectures

  • Dr. Nawel Baghdadli – HAIR BIOPHYSICS – PHYSICS DEPARTMENT / L’ORÉAL – New insights on Hair Science
  • Dr. Paul Dumas – SOLEIL SYNCHOTRON – CNRS – A powerful broaband photons source for Cosmetic Science: synchrotron radiation
  • Dr Ciprian Mihai Cirtiu – NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC HEALTH (INSPQ) – UNIVERSITY OF LAVAL – A powerful broaband photons source for Cosmetic Science: synchrotron radiation
  • Dr Nicolas Almaric – SYNELVIA

Oral Communications

  • MORRIN Aoife – DUBLIN CITY UNIVERSITY – Smart tattoos for the non-invasive assessment of the skin barrier function
  • WILKIE-CHANCELLIER Nicolas – SATIE – UMR8029 – Skin explants monitoring by vibrational behaviour study
  • DOS SANTOS Serge – INSA CENTRE VAL DE LOIRE, INSERM U930 «IMAGING AND BRAIN» – Acousto-mechanical instrumentation of multiscale hysteretic memristive properties of the skin with nonlinear time reversal imaging
  • JOUBERT Pierre-Yves – UNIVERSITE PARIS SUD / C2N – Radio frequency non contact estimation of the dielectric properties of organic material using a multifrequency approach
  • SALOU Samantha – NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC HEALTH (INSPQ) – UNIV – Characterization of titanium dioxide nanoparticles in biological fluids using single particle inductively coupled plasma mass-spectrometry SP-ICP-MS
  • ANGERMANN Quentin – ETIS UMR 8051, UNIVERSITE PARIS SEINE, UNIVERSITE DE CERGY PONTOISE, ENSEA, CNRS – Embeddable Real Time Tool For Automatic Skin Lesions Characterization