Make sense of your omics data with AltraBio

28 July 2017

You are working in academic, hospital or industrial research?

You are using omics approaches to characterise new skin models? To identify molecular biomarkers of exposure or susceptibility? To characterise treatment effects? To study different microbiota?

You are hoping for more than a spreadsheet?

AltraBio is a R&D company created in 2006 and specialised in the treatment, analysis and interpretation of data derived from omics and cytometry studies, data-mining and development of new analytical tools. 11 years of expertise allow us to make the most of your data.

AltraBios activity can be divided in three main sectors:

Data generation for genomics and transcriptomics studies (microarray, RNASeq,…) through an 11-year partnership with a genomics core facility;

Data processing and analysis (PCA, hierarchical clustering, heat-maps, ad-hoc statistical models, multivariate and predictive analyses, genesets enrichment,…);

Biological interpretation to elucidate the meaning of the statistical outputs within the context of the experimental study.

For more information :

Our main goal is to give you biological answers and allow you to interact with your data. We thus developed an interactive web interface that gives you a private access to your results and with which you can carry on the interpretation of your data as you think best, whenever is most convenient. ( +


Make sense of your omics data with AltraBio


Julien Nourikyan, Ph.D.

Biologist Business Developer

30 rue Pré Gaudry – 69007 LYON – FRANCE

Tel: +33 (0)4 26 84 69 63


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