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Mambo hair by Bossa Nova Tech, a new method for in-vivo color identification

22 November 2017

MAMBO is a handheld sensor. Connected to a computer, its dedicated software allows immediate hair color identification. Just place mambo on the swatch to be measured to automatically identify its color. MAMBO delivers the closest color match in the database. No adjustments are necessary for the operator as MAMBO will automatically configure itself for optimum measurement. MAMBO is self-calibrated and does not need any additional calibration.

Professional colorists do not measure hair color in a scientific manner i.e. with L,a,b value and CIELAB references but compare it to a hair color catalogue (database). MAMBO is a sensor mimicking expert professional colorist. MAMBo can be used on hair swatches or directly on the model head.

Applications of MAMBO range from in-vivo color identification in professional salon to formulation and color quality testing on hair swatches during R&D and manufacturing.

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