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New clinical evaluation approaches for blue light and complexion by BIO-EC

After inaugurating its new clinical testing space in May 2017 and in response to the growing demand for novelties in substantiation in vivo, the laboratory has been equipped with two new tools.

The Medisol® lamp allows to reproduce the skin’s exposure to blue light (420-470 nm), light irradiated by screens (computer, phone …), and to evaluate the effects on pigmentation, as well as the GP150 from Seelab, a latest-generation spectrocolorimeter offering a new approach to complexion evaluation (brightness/mattness) on volunteers thanks to its unprecedented angle measurements, mono-angle for color, multi-angle for the color with effects and a gloss-meter to measure the brilliance/gloss.

The light scattering parameters Cspec (specular) and CDiff (diffuse) are also calculated to determine a brightness index: Cspec / Cdiff.


BIO-EC 18mai_015

New clinical lab

The blue-light exposition with the Medisol Light


BIO-EC 18mai_022

The Radiance measurement with the Seelab GP150 device


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