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Hair testing: The new Interfacial Shear Strength (IFSS) module by Dia-Stron

Dia-Stron is pleased to present our newest development in fibre and filament testing: the interfacial shear strength (IFSS) module.

The module is an interchangeable accessory designed to measure the debonding force of micro-droplets on single filaments and fibres. The method can be applied to various fibre and filament types, including glass, carbon, aramid, ceramic, basalt and natural fibres.

Using interchangeable precision laser cut tungsten plates (which allow for a variety of slot sizes) to support the micro-droplet, the specimen is withdrawn through and the force applied to the micro-droplet recorded until interfacial failure.

The module boasts high positional repeatability and highly detailed debonding data. It can also be attached to the LEX820 system, meaning twice the efficiency with only one piece of equipment.

For more information on the IFSS module, have a look at the instrumentation page or get in touch.

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