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Dermscan group inaugurates a new laboratory for the in vitro testing

Since 25 years DERMSCAN Group offers different methodologies of pre-clinical trials.

In 2014 DERMSCAN has opened a new in vitro clinical trials laboratory, which has been approved Good Laboratory Practice proposes in vitro solar tests and different methods of pre-clinical trials :

• Eye irritation potential (method described in decree of 12/27/1999) by:
– Cytotoxicity after agar gel diffusion
– Neutral red release

• Skin irritation on reconstructed human epidermis (RHE), on cells monolayer or on different mucus membranes, following MTT test validated by the ECVAM

• Microbiological analysis: challenges tests (ISO 11930), bacterial identification and evaluation of the microbiological risk (ISO 29621: 2010)

• Phototoxicity

• Percutaneous absorption

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