Perception from Investiga integrates a new company, Flyfrog

10 May 2017

Created in 2000, Perception offers sensory analysis and qualitative and quantitative studies with consumers, for several product categories, such as cosmetics, personal care, household, food, beverages, paints and animal food.
Perception is always aware of innovations in sensory analysis and market research and, in partnership with the sponsors, develops flexible, dynamic and high quality methodologies for data collection, which then result in reliable statistical analysis.

Perception evaluates product attributes based on emotional and sensory aspects, mapping the consumers preference and using statistical data to: create new market opportunities; provide information during the development stage; establish a long-lasting relationship between the product and the consumer; allow comparison between brands
Perception’s Consumer Studies team aims understanding the behaviors and use habits regarding a certain product and the positioning of the consumer in relation to a brand. The evaluations allow identifying and positioning the product in its target market, measuring and interpreting the consumers actions and reactions at the moment of choosing a product or a brand.

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