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proDERM offers new procedure for measuring moisture in the surface of the skin via Cosmetics Business

11 December 2017

proDERM Institute has expanded its methods and devices portfolio and is henceforth able to offer its customers a visualised examination of skin surface moisture. Both single images and moving images over time are possible.

The new procedure is based on a capacitive measurement of the smallest changes in water content. Based on an imaging chip with 556×300 pixels, it visualises skin moisturisation and allows the image-controlled analysis of individual pixels, each pixel providing a moisture reading.

Equipped with a 15×12.8 mm measuring surface, it also allows comparative examinations within a measuring field, e.g. between a treated and untreated area. In addition, skin moisturisation can be measured over time, and the absorption behaviour of product formulations can be investigated.

Therefore, proDERM will offer several procedures with different properties in the future for determining skin surface moisture.

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