Retinol Relief: New Study Highlights how Skin Irritation Could be Relieved via Cosmetics Design Asia

4 May 2022

A new study has highlighted how formulators could produce anti-ageing products without the trouble of skin irritation caused by retinol.
A study by Korean firm LG Household and Health (LG H&H) has identified 30 genetic markers related to the susceptibility of individuals to retinol-induced irritation, specifically among Korean users.
Retinol is one of the stronger cosmetic ingredients that promote anti-ageing. However, it exhibits a range of irritation in users, such as scaling, burning and itching.
Results of this study could aid the development of anti-irritation ingredients and revise formulations in products to ensure higher user compliance.

“Through this study, we have laid the foundation for safer and more effective use of retinol.

“The goal is to develop global anti-wrinkle products that can be expanded and used safely and effectively,” said Kang Nae-gyu, the director of the research centre.

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By Nurul Ain Razali – 01 Apr, 2022

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