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saga4skin your ideal partner to guide you through the in vitro testing projects and the claim substantiation

19 January 2021

The newly founded (2020) consulting firm SAGA4SKIN is your ideal partner to create innovative and effective skincare products based on a rigorous proof of concepts with a strong scientific argumentation.

Not only naturalness, eco-design and sustainable development, but also science, efficacy, pleasure and well-being are intimately linked to provide the innovations expected by consumers.

After 28 years as a scientist in the cosmetics industry, Gaëlle Saintigny, founder of Saga4skin, is an expert in the development of cosmetic care products, starting with the creation of an innovative concept to its development scientific validation. Her experience is based on working in strategic and operational positions in the cosmetic industry such as Head of a Cellular Skin Biology Laboratory, Biology & Active Unit Director and as Biological Research Director.

SAGA4SKIN will assist you to identify, among a wide and diverse offer, the ideal scientific partner, the right service provider as well as the adapted study protocols to create effective skincare products based on new concepts, including scientific support for your claims and the subsequent storytelling.


Areas of expertise

  1. Scientific support in the implementation of a brand strategy and the development of your future products
    – Ensuring the animation of project groups around scientific innovation.
    – Elaboration and coordination of scientific Roadmaps.
    – Contact to an international scientific network and management of the selected research projects.
  2. Coordinating the search of innovative and exclusive scientific concepts
    – Analysis of the competing market, patents and state of the scientific art.
    – Search for international scientific experts to support your claims and management of research partnerships.
    – Identify asset suppliers and analyzing files.
    – Valuing active ingredients/formulas by setting up original in vitro/ex vivo/in vivo studies to support your concepts and claims.
    – Coordination of formulation steps.
  3. Leading scientific communication
    – Construction of scientific records, patenting, publication in international scientific journals.
    – Storytelling support for marketing teams.
    – Adaptation of scientific support for presentations in press conferences, ITW, and congresses.


Added values

Professional experience acquired in internationally known and recognized groups has allowed Gaelle Saintigny to create numerous different innovative and exclusive concepts based on a rigorous scientific research in collaboration with international academic partners.
Transversal coordination of all actors in research & development of cosmetic skincare products.
Coordination of international scientific collaborations, interdisciplinary working groups and scientific committees.



Gaëlle Saintigny, PhD

Saga4skin Founder

Phone +33 (0)6 68 97 24 87