Sensitive skin: Evaluation of soothing effects by the Cerco

15 January 2018

Whether natural or induced, consumers are increasingly concerned by skin sensitivity, and therefore it drives them to look for adapted and soothing cosmetic products.

To assess this sensitivity, an interrogation is necessary, but the same symptom can be perceived very differently from one person to another. Therefore, the declaratory evaluation must be confirmed by objective measures to quantify precisely the real degree of sensitivity.

Thus, in addition to the scales of perception submitted to volunteers, many measurements quantify the visible or not consequences of cutaneous sensitivity: redness, alteration of the microcirculation, alteration of the skin barrier, pH imbalance, skin temperature increase, dryness…

The soothing effect of a cosmetic should result in the decrease in the perceptions of discomfort ideally coupled with an improvement of the biometric parameters for a lasting soothing effect.






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