16 November 2017

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Volume 20 | Number 3 | September 2017

  • The Presence of Essential and Non-Essential Stratum Corneum Proteases: The Vital Need for Protease Inhibitors
    R. Voegeli, P. Wikstroem, R. Campiche, S. Doppler, P. Seroul, N. Raj, E. Jackson, T. Steinmetzer, M. Massironi, M.E. Lane, B. Summers, A.V. Rawlings (Switzerland, France, UK, Germany, Italy, South Africa )
  • Synergistic Effect of UV and Pollutants on Human Skin
    L. Danoux, S. Cadau, S. Leoty-Okombi, C. Jeanmaire, P. Moussou, V. André-Frei (France)
  • Reconstructed Human Epidermis Response to Urban Particulate Matter Activates Multiple Stress-Related Pathways and Impacts the Skin Barrier Function
    R. Hubaux, A. Wauters, A. Chrétien, Y. Poumay, M. Salmon (Belgium)
  • How Do We Perceive and Measure the Skin Gloss of Facial Pictures?
    W. Zhang,Y. Jiang, W. Hua, L. Zhi, N. LU, M.D. (Chna)
  • Preserving Hyalurosome to Limit Psychological Stress-Induced Premature Aging
    P. Prouheze, J. Guglielmi, M. Mollet, P.-G. Markioli, L. Valenti, J.-F. Nicolaÿ, M. Fréchet(Monaco)
  • Sunscreen Film Integrity on Skin: The Characteristics of Particles Released By the Sunscreen Film to the Water Surface
    G. Puccetti, Ph.D (USA)
  • A Concentrated Mix of Verbascoside and Echinacoside Induces Whole Biological Photoprotection of Skin Tissue
    E. Ranouille, E. Bony, I. Renimel-Krolikiewicz, J.-Y. Berthon, E. Filaire (France)

This edition of the IFSCC Magazine also features abstracts from papers published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science (IJCS) Volume 39 No. 3 & 4, 2017. The IJCS is a collaboration between the British and French Societies of Cosmetic Science.

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