Shiseido research findings set to advance skin care via Cosmetic Design

28 September 2017

Japanese personal care heavyweight, Shiseido, succeeds in developing and applying two newly­advanced technologies: In Vivo visualisation of dermal capillaries and the involvement of vascular plexus malformation in hyperpigmentation. Through its latest two discoveries, Shiseido contributes towards a fuller understanding of skin care, damage and protection to answer cosmetics users’ concerns over the safety and high­performance of industry products.

1. Research findings: In Vivo visualisation of dermal capillaries

Shiseido has visualised microvasculature in dermis regions. Invisible to the naked eye, the Japanese brand revealed that it has created a safe and damage­free application using contemporary imaging technology via light waves. This newly developed visualising technology has enabled the personal care giant to identify the malformation of vascular plexuses in the upper reticular dermis in UV­induced hyperpigmentation (solar lentigo). While typical research methods can analyse the blood flow of the skin, they are not able to visualise capillary vessel structure. Shiseido states that its high­resolution imaging technology enables a clear visualisation of the depth­resolved vascular plexuses image. …/…

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