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Skin proteomic by LC-MS/MS: Now a classic workflow? by PHYLOGENE

4 September 2015

A new study (1) on psoriasis used the same way of untargeted relative quantitative comparison of skin proteomes (psoriasis patient vs control) by LC-MS/MS to discover thousands of proteins.

Among these, tens were moving and were followed by targeted LC-MS/MS SRM method. Many such studies were published during the 4 last years (2).

It seems now this is a good way to understand how an ingredient is active, and the understanding of actions on metabolic pathways allows to generate efficient supporting data for claims.



This way, you can also easily check the effects of your active ingredients on skin or cells with MS Phylogene support:

– High-resolution nano LC-MS/MS quantitative proteomics and CORAVALID™ data processing: The efficient discovery tool

– High-resolution SRM LC-MS/MS quantitative proteomics: The efficient multiplex confirmatory method



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