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Spincontrol, expert of CLBT analysis for complexion radiance objectivation

Spincontrol has developed the CLBT analysis to measure complexion radiance, the only in vivo published method to date (C.Musnier, P. Piquemal, P. Beau and J.C. Pittet) Visual evaluation in vivo of complexion radiance using the C.L.B.T. ™ sensory methodology. Skin Research and Technology, 10: 56-56, 2004.

Almost 150 studies allowed to validate the reliability and sensitivity of this method based on the analysis of seven descriptors and to improve it by developing a global radiance index.

Initially developed for Caucasian skins, it has been adapted for Indian and Asian skins.

Spincontrol also offers a complementary method based on image analysis by studying the interaction of the diffused and retro-diffused light.

Complexion radiance and pollution being intimately linked, Spincontrol associates with one of its partners to provide a protocol allowing to prove preservation of the cutaneous microbiota.

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