The 9th International Conference on Skin Challenges – Porto on February 26-27, 2018

25 July 2017


Skin Challenges 2018, for future vision & trends of how can the current research delay the side effects of ageing and skin-ageing?

Hot topics will be discussed: skin ageing mechanisms, mitochondria, Nrf2 modulation, gut and skin microbiota inter-talk, smell and olfactory receptors, exposomes and others…

Aims of Skin Challenges 2018 are to:

Draft the state of the art in skin ageing

Present the different mechanisms involved in homeostasis and skin aging but also to address the different tracks and pathways (signaling, transcription factors…) involved in this process

– Highlight the recent innovations in skin ageing and photo ageing

– Presenting the new notion of exposome and skin aging

– What are the internal and external factors that we can qualify as exposome?

– What is the response of the body and the skin barrier to these internal and external factors?

– What is the current state of knowledge about the interaction of distinct exposomal factors with each other and what is the resulting effect on skin aging?

– How to determine the influence of these exposomes on skin aging?

– Which kind of protective measures should be considered to limit cutaneous aging?

– What is the strategic role of skin olfactory receptors and smell

– How to explain the regeneration and cicatrisation by olfacory receptors activation?

– What is the impact of smell on skin ageing?

– What is the impact of smell on skin ageing?

– Discuss the role of microbiota and skin microbiota

– What is the role of gut microbiota and skin microbiota on skin ageing?

– What is the importance of quality and diversity of microbiota on skin barrier?

– What are the factors (pre/probiotics, bacteria…) able to influence the skin microbiota?

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