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The AEVA-HE evaluates the slimming and remodeling effects by Eotech

Measurement of volumes and shape differences for slimming and remodelling effects
Introduced in 2012, the AEVA-HE/Visio – 4 d solution won, over past years, relevance and efficiency in the measurement of change in volume or shape on the face or body parts.
A specific 3D sensor associated with a bench for face and body which ensures a good positioning on one hand and also participates in the reproducibility of the measures on the other hand, all complemented by a software with algorithms based on multiple views 3D reconstruction and you get the the most objective evaluation solution of slimming effects or reshaping of the market.
You can quantify the differences in volume before and after application of cosmetics, the differences in surface (distance between measurements on the same area), and finally circumferences on thighs or abdomen.
The qualification is also available by viewing the differences obtained by affecting speudo color (Augmented reality) to the distance between the 2 measurement or to the comparison to an ideal surface (Oval, smooth shape, etc.)




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