The important things to remember for testing and Barrier function – JP Marty Days

20 December 2017

Extract of the lecture we find specifically interesting considering testing vision

Effects of temperature for skin barrier recovery

Epidermal keratinocytes have been recognized to form the water impermeable structure and this barrier function is critical, especially for terrestrial animals. However, recent findings have dramatically changed the picture of epidermal keratinocytes, placing them at the forefront of the sensory system.

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Epidermal dynamic barrier: investigating keratinocyte response in presence of immunocompetent cells on RHE

Among the multiple test systems applied to in vitro pharmacotoxicology the 3D reconstituted human tissues are the gold reference to quantify human skin responses because they present multiple advantages in terms of reproducibility, sensitivity and biological relevance.

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The epidermis, an essential multi-purpose barrier

The function of the epidermis is to establish a barrier between the body and its external environment. This vital function is mainly achieved by the uppermost epidermal layer, the stratum corneum, through its high mechanical strength, its ability to reduce the penetration of UV radiation and to prevent the infiltration of chemicals, allergens and microorganisms, and its capacity to limit water and electrolyte loss from the body.

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Mitochondrial dynamics & mitophagy: at the heart of skin energetic barrier function

This innovative study gives a new outlook on the skin barrier function by focusing on the mechanisms of mitochondrial defense. Indeed, while mitochondria are essential organelles responsible of cellular energy supply, they are also highly sensitive to various aggressions.

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The Future Trends of Cutaneous Bioavailability for Cosmetic Industry

Cutaneous bioavailability is crucial for skin and systemic safety assessment of topically-exposed compounds. Its estimation refinement becomes a major concern since the generation and use of animal test data to support the marketing of cosmetics ingredients has been banned within the EU.

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Présentation de la technologie SIMS et du NanoSIMS50. Application à des échantillons biologiques tels que la peau.

La technique SIMS pour « Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry » est une technique d’analyse d’échantillon pouvant conduire à des images de la composition de la surface analysée. Cette technologie consiste à pulvériser les couches atomiques superficielles d’un échantillon solide en le bombardant par un faisceau d’ions Cs+, appelé faisceau d’ions primaires.

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Electron microscopy in studies of the epidermal barrier function

Skin permeability barrier is situated in the lower portion of the horny layer (stratum corneum, SC), at the top of the epidermis. This final product of epidermal terminal differentiation is composed of dead keratinocytes embedded in lipid extracellular matrix.

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