The selfie generation and its impact on make-up: new needs, new claims, new tests…by Dermscan

31 May 2017

A. Sirvent, A. Bouet, V. Moyne-Bressand, D. Jolivet-Burtin, F. Girard-Ory

New needs: Selfie generation can be defined as “today’s teens and young adults that are the first generation to have come of age after the rise of the social, mobile web, so the avenues through which they interact with media are by definition new and different” [1]. Such generation is present several times per day and per hour (!) on social networks such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube, twitter, by mails or SMS… Selfies are probably the most shared item. A new clothe, a different hairstyle, going out with friends: every situation is a pretext to make selfie and to share it with its community! For women, this selfie trend has for consequence the need to look at its best face whatever the situation or the moment of the day. Face, eye and lip make-up participate to achieving a “photo-ready” finish…

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