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The Skinification of Hair: Scalp Scrubs, Serums, Hair Masks Drive Category via Cosmetoscope

8 January 2018

The lather-rinse-repeat era has officially come to a close.These days, consumers are treating hair more like skin, and incorporating scalp scrubs, serums and masks into their regimens. Like many beauty trends, the shift underscores the modern customer’s penchant for wellness. And hair-care brands are rushing to introduce products to take advantage of the trend — and boost a category where growth has stalled.Consumers are realizing that skin and hair care go hand-in-hand, according to Sam Cheow, L’Oréal USA’s chief product accelerator, and that both are linked intrinsically with health and wellness.

“The skinification of hair is not a new trend, but it has been intensifying the last couple of years,” Cheow said.

“We’re seeing now the bigger engine that is driving it — it’s powered by lifestyle and the way we look at hair and skin and what we eat.”It’s a timeless proposition, but we’re seeing it now more actively because how we live has changed — we’re seeing beauty from the inside out and consumers are more savvy. They’re juicing, eating raw foods, there’s vegan restaurants,” Cheow continued. “[Consumers] might not be vegan, but they like to indulge in vegan meals because they want the benefits.

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