Understanding Psoriasis | Eczema in the Treatment Room via Skin Inc

28 July 2017

Add 16 more genetic markers to psoriasis diagnoses. … Data from new research out of the University of Michigan brought the total of known loci associated with psoriasis up to 63. The study, published in Nature Communic­ations, continues previous work seeking to find the underlying genetic cause of psoriasis.

Researchers hope that the new data will help in the creation of more targeted medications, since, according to senior author James T. Elder, M.D., Ph.D., only around 5% of the discovered genes are specifically treated by existing medications.

“Our results illustrate the importance of correcting misclass­ification of disease outcome as large-scale data-mining of phenotypes becomes more common. … These results will serve as an important framework guiding future research into the pathogenesis and treatment of psoriasis,” said the study’s authors.

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