What does “SPF” really mean?

3 February 2017

Sun protection products represent a large sector of the cosmetics industry. We use sunscreen to block ultraviolet light from damaging the skin. There are two categories of UV light : UVA and UVB that we consider in terms of sunscreen.

Sunscreen products contain substances, that filter or block UV light, so-called “sun protection factor” (SPF). The SPF value indicated on sun protection products is established on the basis of in vivo tests on humans and in vitro (UVA) on PMMA plates.

J.S Hamilton laboratories offer sun products testing using solar simulators (Solar Light) and provide photo-toxicity and photo-allergy in vivo tests. We also offer a variety of tests to prove the efficacy of sunscreens and cosmetic products and their compliance with relevant European and international legislation, including challenge tests, patch-tests, safety assessments, cosmetics notification and other services. Contact us for more information on SPF testing services.



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