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XenoScreen: endocrine disruptor bioassays with YES and YAS by Xenometrix

25 January 2017

Rapid, high-sensitivity, combined endocrine disruptor bioassays with YES (yeast estrogen screen) and YAS (yeast androgen screen) for the determination of hormonally active compounds (endocrine disruptors) in environmental, chemical and cosmetic samples. XenoScreen are in vitro transcriptional activation assays using yeast cells transformed with human estrogen or androgen receptors.

The test kits are designed to identify both activating (agonistic) and inhibiting (antagonistic) properties of test samples but kit versions are available that allow also to test for agonistic activity only. Fresh water, waste water, aqueous extracts and leachates, or chemical, agrochemical or cosmetic compounds,  and biocides, pesticides, plasticizers, detergents, fire retardants, UV filters or mixtures can be tested for endocrine disruption.


Your benefits:

•    Test your samples yourself by acquiring the kit or send them to our  testing laboratory
•    High sensitivity up to: 4 x 10-12 M (LoD; YES assay, XenoScreen XL)
•    Standardized procedure with step-by-step instruction manual for first-time success
•    Simultaneous analysis of activating (agonist) and inhibiting (antagonist) behaviour
•    Small amount of compound (10 µl when dissolved in solvents. 1 ml for aqueous samples)
•    Excel calculation sheet for evaluation of results





Nicolas Nicaise

Product and sales manager

M: +33 661 171 331