ZOOM#9: Testing Trends in Cosmetics, Tolerance, Shape & Volume

10 September 2018

We are glad to share with you our latest Newsletter: ZOOM#9, special edition for the 30 edition of the IFSCC Congress in Munich.

The necessity to substantiate the claims drives clearly the innovation of the technology to study the skin and the hair in many directions. To increase its knowledge of testing, Skinobs will follow the next IFSCC congress in Münich with the motto “Science for Beauty and Lifestyle”. In this Newsletter we will focus on the tolerance evaluation and the “Shape and Volume” objectivation. Then we will present you the lastest innovations of our partners: Bio-EC, Cerco, Cosmepar, Dermscan, Eotech, Eurofins, Genel, I.E.C, Intertek, Microfactory, Phylogene, Spincontrol, StratiCell.

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We will have special focus on the latest news of our partners:

  • Multi-ethnic panels in multicenter for clinical studies over 3 continents by IEC,
  • Enhance your Research with Genel,
  • Smart-Pore™: the first biomimetic pore designed for cosmetic measures by Microfactory,
  • Evaluating the impact on the skin microbiota with Intertek!
  •  Eurofins in 2018: A global offer for high quality testing services,
  • Volume and shape measurements by the Cerco,
  • Tolerance studies: diversity of the panels offered by Dermscan Group,
  • Fibrotx and  Eotech sign a new distributor agreement for France,
  • Cosmepar supports the entire testing process of cosmetics,
  • RedOxMicsTM, a large view on skin oxidation effects or protection by Phylogene, by Phylogene,
  •  In vitro human epidermis and assays adapted to study sensitive skin and resilience of the barrier function by Straticell,
  • 3D approach of body shape by Spincontrol,
  • BIO-EC Laboratory will celebrate 20 years of skin expertise during cosmetic 360!


Then the Word of Expert on tolerance evaluation by Christine Braud.


And the lastest statistics of the platform audience

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How to objectivate Shape & Volume ?

Since the beginning of the cosmetics, face remodelling and slimming claims remain on the top of the list.
They attract the use of new 3D science applications particularly for the data acquisition and treatment.

The Shape & Volume efficacy of creams, serums, masks, medical devices or institute treatments is generally evaluated in the centimetres level and on the global cutaneous structure.

On this topic, skin cares reduce under eye bags, droopy eyelids, optimise the oval contour, remodel, re-pulp or uplift the face. The body care activities are mainly focusing on the orange peel, thigh sizes, stretch marks, breast volume or stomach contour.

How this parameter of body and face can be now objectivated? In addition to other methods such as consumer testing, clinician scorages and sensory analysis, Skinobs platform lists more than 12 methods and devices that meet the objectivation of Shape & Volume changes:


See you at the IFSCC Congress in München!

Happy reading!


Anne Charpentier





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