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A New Digital Tool and Modular Scoring System for Ecotoxicological Alerts in Cosmetics by Cehtra


CEHTRA has been specialising for more than 20 years to provide technical assistance and regulatory, toxicological and ecotoxicological consulting to the companies in diverse sectors related to the chemicals industry, including REACH, biocides, plant protection products and cosmetics, in France, Europe and internationally. Our toxicologists, ecotoxicologists and chemists provide their expertise to ensure the regulatory compliance of products.

CEHTRA is committed to the protection of the environment through its expertise, clients services and tools in ecotoxicology:

  • Trainings
  • Dedicated support (régie contracts)
  • Environmental risk assessments in a specific regulatory context
  • Study monitoring
  • Evaluation of formulations to obtain the EU ECOLABEL (rinsed and non-rinsed cosmetic products), …


CEHTRA offers various tools for the ecotoxicological assessment of cosmetic ingredients and formulations.

COSMETICK: A digital tool allowing access to ecotoxicological alerts



To go further, CEHTRA has gone digital with the development of tools such as COSMETICK, which is aimed at cosmetic products. COSMETICK consists of several databases, dedicated to ingredients, impurities and fragrance components, and raw materials, and a specialised application for risk assessment related to cosmetic products.

In addition to obtaining toxicological profiles, COSMETICK is also an environmental database selected by our ecotoxicologist experts, containing data on persistence, bioaccumulation, ecotoxicity, classification, environmental characteristics, etc. COSMETICK provides regularly updated ecotoxicological profiles based on various scientific and regulatory data.

What is the advantage of this tool? It provides an ecotoxicological alert level for each ingredient in a formulation: a low to high alert. This colour-coded system developed by CEHTRA provides synthetic, accessible, relevant and reliable information at a glance on the level of environmental concern of cosmetic products.


An ECOSCORE system to help measure the environmental footprint of cosmetic products

For several years now, CEHTRA has also been developing customised “ECOSCORES”, a kind of “NUTRISCORE”, to help its clients better understand the environmental impacts and compare the scores of ingredients, raw materials and cosmetic formulations. In this way, they can develop more environmentally sustainable products, favouring substances with a lower impact on the aquatic environment. The environmental data used for the elaboration of “ECOSCORES” are diversified, proposed by CEHTRA and chosen by its clients. They can include mobility, persistence, bioaccumulation, ecotoxicity, hazard classification, unfavourable environmental hazard characteristics (PE, microplastics, nanomaterials, …), …


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