proDERM Webinar on the Skin Microbiome, 30 November 3 pm

20 November 2017

Classification, Analysis and Claim Support

The clinical research institute ‘proDERM’ will host a free-of-charge webinar related to the support of skin microbiome claims. The webinar will cover the following:

  •  16S rRNA sequencing, a paradigm change in skin microbiology
  •  Each body site has its own skin microbiome: How to classify?
  •  Quantitative data of all bacteria down to the genus: How can such data be handled?
  •  Which claims can be made?
  •  What is a healthy microbiome?
  •  How to test probiotic effects on skin?
  •  A study example: Effect of a deodorant on the microbial diversity
  •  Conclusions and prospects


 Registrations are still accepted using the link below



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Sascha Faust

Marketing Manager




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