Dermatologists and Digital Platforms are Top Influencers for Cosmetic and Skincare Decisions via Personal Care Insights

19 July 2022

A survey by the American Society for Dermatological Surgery (ASDS) affirm that dermatologists and online platforms continue to play the most significant role in consumer decisions toward cosmetic treatments, skincare purchases and the choice of provider.

“Cosmetic treatments are medical procedures and board-certified dermatologists are qualified to deliver safe, leading care with customized treatment plans for their patients,” notes Sue Ellen Cox, president at ASDS.

“Patients continue to trust ASDS member dermatologists’ medical expertise and aesthetic acumen to help them look and feel their best.”

Dermatologists are ranked as the “number one influencer” for consumer purchasing decisions among cosmetic procedures, according to ASDS. Examples include injectable wrinkle-relaxers; laser or light therapy for skin redness, tone and scars; laser or light therapy for skin tightening; chemical peels; vein treatments; microdermabrasion; and tattoo removal.

Additionally, 70% of consumers consider getting cosmetic treatments, says ASDS.

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by Venya Patel – 1 Jun 2022 


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