#3 What’s new at Skinobs ?

24 November 2023

What’s inside the box!

Welcome in the monthly article about Skinobs, its news and its team! 🗞️

In this article you find the latest news of the database for preclinical and clinical testing for active ingredients and cosmetics, of our partners, and shows where Skinobs was present and where you can meet us.


🖥️ #1 | Latest news from the platfoms

One of the major tasks of our team is to continually add new laboratories to both platforms. It’s a continuous task who takes time because of the rigour it necessits and the direct contact we need to have with each suppliers. This collaborative work with the stakeholders of the testing field offers you the most effective and qualitative panorama of methods and CRO’s. The referencing of new testing laboratories, consultants or device manufacturers follow a precise process with qualified exchanges around each expertise. Morover the platforms necessit a regular update due to technology, claims or laboratory changes.

Since September, the product management team is hard at work interviewing users, creating a beta-tester community for the redesign of the Skinobs website. A “facelift” involving a new design and new functionalities to be ready for in-cosmetics Global 2024 in Paris. This will give you a better experience of your searches for methods, and laboratories around the world.

🙏 Thank to all the CRO’s for their trust and collaborative work!


📖 #2 | Latest news from our partners

We thank the CROs that renew their trust to the testing database, giving with this fantastic collaborative work, the opportunities to evaluation managers of the world (with 93 nationalities) to get a unique panorama of the methods and testing laboratories in the world. They are historical members of the partnership circle and we thank them: Zurko Research, Orion, Straticell…


📰#3 | Skinobs’ Newsfeed

The Skinobs team is also working on a dedicated microbiota newsfeed, which will be published on December 12.

It is possible to publish your own article in this dedicated news feed; conditions and information to be obtained from Antoine: acanet@skinobs.com / +33788170014. Stay tuned!


🧑‍🤝‍🧑#4 | What’s happening at Skinobs ?

The Skinobs team was present at in-cosmetics Asia, who took place in Bangkok, Thailand. It was the 2nd edition of “We are testing”

For 3 days, we met and exchanged with evaluation managers coming from the Asian region about the latest testing innovations on the Asian market. It was a very enriching experience, and we really enjoyed exhibiting at the show with the team from Syres Singapore, the expert of consumer testing and sensory analysis. Many thanks to them!

The post-show webinar on November 16 was a great success. It provided an opportunity to debrief and highlight the most important topics of the show. Thank you to all participants for your interest!

👉 Click here to access the webinar presentation.



🌎 Eco-responsibility at #cosmétique trade shows! Last May in New York 🍏, Skinobs launched a new collaborative way to make visible the players in the field of #tests: instrumentation manufacturers, test laboratories or consultants through the various trade shows of the cosmetics industry.

#1. It was while discussing with the StratiCELL team that this idea germinated at the beginning of 2023, very quickly Martin Baraibar from OxiProteomics and Fabrice Monti from Microfactory joined forces at the 1st edition in New York with a joint “We-Are-Testing” booth allowing them to present their expertise to the #cosméticiens North #américains.

#2. The n°2 edition of “We Are testing” was held in Bangkok in November for in-cosmetics Asia with Syres Singapore as co-exhibitor. The 2025 edition is in pre-booking with 4 co-exhibitors.

#3. This new adventure continues with a new 40m2 booth scheduled in New York for the Suppliers Days on May 1-2, 2024 with : Microfactory, CIDP , Biox Systems Ltd, Syres, Neuron experts and LTDS. The booth is sold out! 🍀 With this enthusiasm in mind, we are preparing the 2025 edition of the Suppliers Days with 8 co-exhibitors!

🚩 This is followed by:

  • in-cosmetics #Korea in July,
  • in-cosmetics Latin America.

💡 We are Testing it’s you!

“We-Are-Testing” is a practical, eco-responsible and dynamic way for testing players, large or small, to be present at the events that matter in the sector.

“We-Are-Testing” is a smart solution that, thanks to the synergy of each exhibitor and the strength of Skinobs’ communication, shares the latest innovations with the worldwide evaluation managers.

“We-Are-Testing” is a new space for meetings and exchanges specially dedicated to responsables of évaluation at international trade fairs to:

  • Providing a 360° view of evaluation around the world
  • Share the recognized expertise of test providers,
  • Giving the keys to accelerate test projects with the latest innovations

👉 Would you like to join the next “We-Are-Testing” booth? For more information, please contact Eloïse Verrier at everrier@skinobs.com.


Anne Charpentier has participated to Making Cosmetics the 23th November, a mutual event with Vitality about nutraceuticals. Thanks for the presentations with great speakers sharing their view of how to evaluate cosmetics and neutraceutics suncare or well-ageing products. Really captivating to discover other testing labs from several sizes and various expertise answering Italian specific needs. Stimulating to better know their expertise and reference their testing services in the Skinobs database because it is essential to share comprehensive and independant information with the users.
See you next year!


🎪 #5 | Where to meet us ?

In Paris on the 16th and 17th January, 2024

Booth 95 with Cosmetikwatch‘ team

It’s an opportunity to meet Anne Charpentier and discuss about your testing projects.

More information: Click here




organized in collaboration with in-cosmetics Global in the heart of the Testing & Lab area.

Skinobs invites skincare creators and ingredient manufacturers to talk about testing projects with us.


Our sponsors during the show



Cosmetotest, jointly organized by Cosmet’in Lyon and Skinobs, returns in 2024. Building on the success of its last two editions, the international preclinical and clinical testing symposium will be held over two days, on May 29 & 30, 2024. The first day will be devoted to clinical testing, and the second to preclinical testing.

👉 Registrations are now open with early booked special price: click here to register.

If you are interested to exhibit or give a short-talk, contact Ophélie: orebillard@skinobs.com / +33788170014.

For more information, please visit https://www.cosmetotest.skinobs.com/.


🚀 Inside the Skinobs Team you still find :

  • Mrs Ophélie Rebillard to answer your partnership questions (orebillard@skinobs.com) ;
  • Mr Antoine Canet to answer your referencing ask (acanet@skinobs.com) ;
  • Mrs Eloïse Verrier your logistic question (everrier@skinobs.com) ;
  • Mrs Ilona Salomon the creative designer (isalomon@skinobs.com) ;
  • Mrs Pascale Orcellet your administrative assistant (admin@skinobs.com) ;
  • Mr Gabriel Hassan your user experience manager (ghassan@skinobs.com) ;
  • Mrs Anne Charpentier for any specific testing question you may have!
  • IT & Design team: Jean & Hervé as our friendly external suppliers since always!
  • Scientific consultants: always questioned for a continuous update of the paltforms


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Thank to all of you for your trust and loyalty.
See you soon! 🚀

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