A Data Bank of Skin Characteristics by Country is The Aim of the Foundation of Korea Cosmetics Industry Institute

10 August 2016

In order to develop cosmetic products tailored to each ethnic group, we wil buid a Data Bank of Skin Characteristics by Country
– Develop standard protocols for measuring skin characteristics
– Measure skin characteristics of each ethnic group
– Conduct surveys on skin type


Developing a standard protocol by measuring items of skin

Developing the protocols of 10 measurement methods including moisture content of skin surface(moisturizing), water loss at the skin surface, sebum content, elasticity, wrinkles, skin color, pH, pores, hair loss and skin sensitivity.

Measuring domestic and foreign skin, conducting surveys

Providing fundamental data to develop cosmetics in accord with skincharacteristics and consumer’s needs of exporting countries through surveys about skin measurement, skin troubles, use-behavior of cosmetics by standard protocols.
Investigating research situations and cases of domestic and foreign skin characteristics Investigating academic data related to domestic and foreign skin characteristics.

Purpose of establishment

To improve an international competitiveness and the national health by investigating cosmetic safety, providing in-
export information, researching for improvement of cosmetic quality

Main missions

•Providing information about cosmetics trading and safety research
•Supporting cosmetic R&D (Global cosmetics R&D business unit)
•R&D and commissioned quality test for cosmetic ingredients and products
•Building infrastructure of GMP & CGMP
•Training field experts
•Building a data bank of skin characteristics by country
•Other missions for globalization of cosmetic industrie

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